Sheer and semi sheer swimwear designs for men along with extreme micro styles.

About Us

About Us

Men's sheer swimwear designs are some of the most erotic swimwear styles available. I love wearing semi and fully sheer suits to pubic beaches and even the European style pools in Palm Springs and Las Vegas. Even though my penis is completely visible through the swimsuit I have never been asked to cover up. Personally I think it might have something to do with my penis size which is very small. I wonder sometimes that if my penis was much larger people would take notice including the police the patrol our beaches. I have seen other guys wearing men's sheer swimwear and they have not had any problems but being small is an advantage in this situation. I have set up this site to introduce men to the world of sheer swimwear. We will offer review and road tests of the latest styles. I will keep you informed about the latest trends. I am eager to see more men wearing hot swimsuits, the change is already happening but if I can help the cause with this site that will be fantastic.

Men's Sheer Swimwear

Ultimate Bikinis, Thongs, G-strings and Short Shorts

If you are looking for the most amazing sheer and semi sheer swimwear designs for men you have come to the right places. Let us guide you to the ultimate extreme men's swimwear designs all made in the USA by total spandex freaks who love wearing micro swimsuits too.

More men than ever are into wearing extreme swimwear designs. Visit any of the hippest beaches and you will see men wearing bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, thongs, G-strings, bulge enhancement swimsuits, male to female transformation swimwear along with men's sheer swimwear and even some partial sheer designs. Extreme is in and so is showing off the male form. It is true that for years the girls have had all the fun wearing their tiny little bikinis and thongs showing off lots of skin at the beach by the hotel pool and always at the best pool parties. Now the fun as hit the men's swimwear market and the craze is micro. Tiny little swimwear designs that flaunt the male form. There are even designs that have penis shaped pouches that show your equipment large or small in beautiful detail. Men's sheer swimwear styles are in too. Full sheer suits show it all and you might want to check before wearing one to your favorite beach. They are legal at many beaches and the fact is that where they are not legal you never the less will most likely not be bothered anyway. The worst thing that ever happened to me was I was asked to put something on that covered more than the completely sheer penis showing suit I was wearing. I changed to a micro bikini that was smaller than any of the suits the ladies were wearing that day. Swimwear for men is so much fun. It is wonderful that men in the USA are catching on to what our European brothers have know for years. Wearing sexy spandex swimsuits is way more exciting.

The swimsuits we feature are all made in the USA and they are shipped worldwide. The USA and Los Angeles to be specific is the world's epicenter for extreme swimwear designs.

Show What You are Packing by Wearing Men’s Sheer Swimwear

Many men are very proud of their bodies, especially that lower region. They love showing off that part of their bodies and they are always looking for ways to accomplish that. One of those ways is by wearing men’s sheer swimwear. As the men stroll across the sand of their favorite beach, they know that other people are looking at their packages and their asses because they are practically naked. In fact, it might be a great idea to check with the beach you are going to and find out if there are any rules about wearing sheer swimwear. If so, you might want to simply find a nice nude beach. The people at those beaches do not care in the least whether you are wearing sheer swimwear or nothing at all. You can slip into your see through swimwear and feel quite comfortable as you stroll by the other nude or mostly nude visitors at the beach.